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Exhibition Stand for Company

Prices start at:

PDepartures from Lisbon: €950.00

Departures from Porto: €1,015.00

Departures from Madrid: €1,320.00

Amounts are subject to VAT at the legal rate in force:

- 16% VAT (Service provided in the Azores)

- Community customers with a valid TID on the VIES do not pay VAT under Article 6(6)(a) of the CIVA (VAT Code)

Espaço Empresa

 it includes: 

  • 240cm length stand and lighting
    160x180 cm screen
    80 cm wide shelving unit
    Tablet (10"| 32GB | WiFi)
    1 stool

  • Travel and Accommodation (base value)

  • Freight Forwarder: max. 0.5 m3

  • Prizes: 1 free registration in one category; 1 free dinner reservation at the Iberian Heritage Awards

  • Participation in Innovation Point and parallel programming

  • Feature piece at

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