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AR&PA is back to Portugal! 

From October 12 to 15, the Cultural Heritage sector is at Azores. 
Join us! 


Angra do Heroísmo,
Terceira Island, Azores


12 - 15 October 2023

Technology & Heritage


Technology plays an increasingly important role in bringing citizens closer to cultural heritage, providing better preservation, understanding, innovation, and experimentation:

  • Either through the banality of communication platforms (television, internet, social networks);

  • Either through the development of mediation tools in the visitation process, passively (QR codes, virtual reality, 3D, video mapping) or actively (games, various dynamics in which the visitor is the lead and builds his learning process);

  • Either through technology to create high value-added experiences;

  • When it comes to visiting, the introduction of yield management allows getting tickets for visits or other kinds of Cultural Heritage programming subject to fluctuations in demand but also the flexibility and virtuality of the purchase. As a result, impulse buying is possible, as well as levelling the service of heritage experience with many others in the leisure and entertainment field, eminently user-friendly; and even introducing loyalty programs for network visiting;

  • Furthermore, all the technological components contribute to the physical preservation of Cultural Heritage through unique instruments and devices that go beyond what the eye can see;

  • Lastly, the technological component applied to Arts & Crafts and New Design enables the creation of new products or new ways to produce, with greater sustainability and competitiveness in this field of action.

In the AR&PA - Iberian Biennial of Cultural Heritage 2023 edition, held in Angra do Heroísmo, Azores, from 12 to 15 October, we intend to bring together, scrutinize, and foster all these dimensions.


A Spira – como de há 10 anos a esta parte – é a parceira portuguesa da Junta de Castela & Leão na organização deste certame: todas as empresas e instituições portuguesas poderão marcar presença na renovada AR-PA espanhola com stand, programação específica e integração nas dinâmicas comuns a todos os expositores


Empresas de design de equipamento, tecnologia, serviços de mediação, projectos de desenvolvimento local de base territorial, universidades e agentes de I&D, entidades públicas com responsabilIdades no campo da Cultura, do Património Cultural e do Turismo, rotas temáticas, serviços de comunicação, oferta formativa, projectos europeus, entre muitos outros serão bem-vindos no novo espaço do certame.

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